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DIY pinhole cameras are a dime a dozen, but rarely are they as well thought out and elegant as the VIDDY currently being funded on Kickstarter.

The VIDDY comes in 35mm and medium format editions, along with a handy app to help you with exposure times.

This Could Be the Best DIY Pinhole Camera Yet

via Fubiz

I still have my pinhole camera from college, but these look real pretty. PRINTEVERYTHING.

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This is a collection of Tweets from military veterans reacting to the police response in Ferguson. 

And if this shit doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

Sorry for the politics, but I feel this needs to be seen.

This what I don’t get. Why do they even have that kind of firepower? They’re cops. They shouldn’t have that kind of firepower. They’re not in a warzone. American citizens aren’t the enemy and shouldn’t be treated as such.

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Deborah Simon’s Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Reveal Internal Systems Of Bears

Deborah Simon sculpts anatomically correct bears out of polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam. Aside from their size (around 22″ high), Simon’s bears are realistically detailed and meticulously fabricated. Her inside-out bears tread the boundaries of taxidermy, toy, and sculpture.

“Evolution has always held a particular fascination for me, informing how I create and group the animals in my work. As I’ve read and dug through museum collections to research my pieces, western science’s mania for labeling, codifying and collecting has stood out. Most of this categorizing bears little resemblance to how animals and plants exist out in the natural world and I find this disconnect fascinating.

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Surreal Paintings by Dariusz Zawadzki

22zddr (Dariusz Zawadzki) on deviantART

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New DALeast mural in Warsaw, Poland

Chinese-born, South Africa-based artistDALeast was recently in Poland painting a new mural for the Street Art Doping mural festival in Warsaw. This is one of the few murals he has painted as of late, as he has been focusing on studio work this year. DAL’s distinctive style evolved from his effort to paint large pieces without using much paint, a technique he came up with back in his homeland. As time went on, this technique became his unique, recognizable signature.

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Students from the Art Institute sell their work along Michigan Ave, 1934, Chicago.
Dmitry Samarov and I want to know how we can bring this back!?


Students from the Art Institute sell their work along Michigan Ave, 1934, Chicago.

Dmitry Samarov and I want to know how we can bring this back!?

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What happens when the U.S. shoots down an airliner ...


Remember the Iranian airliner?

On July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes launched a surface-to-air missile at an Iranian civilian airliner. It was on a scheduled commercial flight from Bandar-Abbas to Dubai. The attack resulted in the deaths of 290 passengers and crew members.

The U.S. proclaimed the whole thing was an “error” by the crew of the Vincennes. But further investigation found no fault and resulted in no punishment. The incident was dismissed and forgotten.”

— Sam Marcy, 1991

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